What I ate in Tromsø, Norway

What I ate in Tromsø, Norway

Just a quick recap in case you missed my Bergen post: Luke and I were incredibly lucky this year and travelled to Norway for our honeymoon! It’s an absolutely stunning country and I highly recommend you get yourself there pronto! The fjords, the snow-capped mountains, the beautiful greenery – Norway has it all.

On our wonderful trip we travelled around the country visiting Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø and Oslo. Today I’m going to be sharing some Tromsø places to eat that are vegan-friendly!

Tromsø is situated in northern Norway, above the arctic circle. It’s known for being a great place to spot the Northern Lights in Winter, and in Summer it has the Midnight Sun. Whilst we were on a Husky Hike, I was chatting to one of the guides who said to me:

“In winter we don’t get any daylight and everyone is very tired. But it’s okay, because in summer the sun doesn’t set so we have lots of energy. It balances out.”

I just find it fascinating! Imagine living somewhere that doesn’t get any daylight in winter!

We arrived towards the end of the season so we caught the tail end of the Midnight Sun, and I have to say it was a magical experience. We went and watched the sunset by a lake near our Airbnb and it was incredibly surreal being up and that time and it not being pitch black. I remember one night waking up at 2am, and when I looked out the window it just looked like the middle of the day! Crazy.

Anyway, I could talk all day about how much I love Tromsø but you’d probably get very bored, very quickly (if you’re not already…) Let’s move onto food, shall we?

Kafe Globus

The first place we visited was Kafe Globusa small cafe which served a whole host of international delights. I went for the Eastern Plate and it did not disappoint! It was just what I needed to set me up for an afternoon spent exploring Tromsø.

The Eastern Plate is a platter of houmous, olives, yummy salad, falafel, beetroot, tabbouleh, and torshi with a side of pitta. It’s suitable for vegans, but it’s not gluten free. Luke had soup though which he thoroughly enjoyed, and there are other gluten free options available if that’s what you’re after.

We were served by a lovely young lady who smiled lots and spoke fluent English, there were fresh flowers on the tables, and the place had a lovely, relaxed atmosphere – we highly recommend it.

Knoll og Tott

We visited this little cafe for lunch on our final day in Tromsø. I had a vegan baguette, and Luke had a jacket potato. The sandwich set up is very much like a filling buffet, where you get to choose what you’d like. I basically just said “Load up on all the veggies, please!” They only had one sauce which was vegan, and that was salsa.

I find when I’m visiting a non-veggie/vegan specific place, I tend not to expect very much from the food, because it’s not made with vegans or vegetarians in mind. That being said, I really enjoyed this baguette! It was packed with flavour from the variety of vegetables.

It was pretty pricey for a baguette and a jacket potato, but it’s expensive more or less everywhere in Norway, so we had to make our peace with that. If you’re looking for somewhere for a quick lunch, or a vegan sandwich to take away, Knoll og Tott is a good option.

Tromsø is a beautiful city that feels more like a town, and we’re hoping to go back again, but next time in winter so that we can see the Northern Lights!

If you’d like to see where we ate in Bergen, have a little look here

A couple of extra points!

  • Just a heads up – supermarkets do not open on Sundays! We didn’t know this and ended up just getting chips and frozen stir-fry vegetables from a 7/11 for our dinner on Sunday. Whilst it was a tasty and balanced meal, if I’d known this in advance I’d have bought a few ingredients to make something a bit more interesting. So now you know, don’t plan a supermarket shop on a Sunday!
  • ‘Vegan’ in Norwegian is ‘vegan’, and ‘gluten free’ is ‘glutenfri’ – remember those and you’ll be golden.

Have you visited Tromsø before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


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