RECIPE: Peanut & Banana Flapjacks

RECIPE: Peanut & Banana Flapjacks

I’ve been making flapjacks for years: chocolate flapjacks, apricot flapjacks, banana flapjacks, coconut flapjacks…you name it.

They’ve become a staple snack in our house, as they’re so easy to make and customise, they don’t require any fancy ingredients, and the oats make them a great source of energy (AKA perfect for the mid-afternoon slump).

I like to make a batch on a Sunday to keep me going through the week. In reality, I make a batch on a Sunday, then each time I pass through the kitchen on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I say “ooh I’ll just have a flapjack’, then by Wednesday they are no more. If I could only exercise some self control around these bad boys, who knows, maybe they’d last until Thursday.

I lead a pretty active lifestyle so I wanted to make some flapjacks which were packed with energy but didn’t include 10 tablespoons of sugar – ain’t nobody got time for sugar headaches.

So I went with a natural sweetener which happens to be a great energy source… dates! Ah dates. So sweet, so caramel-y and downright delicious. The combination of banana and peanut butter works really well, and I’m sure you could swap peanut for a different nut butter of choice if you’d prefer.

This recipe is suitable for vegans, and if you use gluten-free oats, it’ll also be good for all you gluten-frees out there.

Tip: If you’re unsure whether or not your flapjacks are ready, simply put a knife in one, and if it’s clean when you withdraw it, it’s done. 

What’s your favourite flavour flapjack? If you make these Peanut & Banana ones, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time, happy baking!


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