RECIPE: Healthy Thai Green Chickpea Curry

RECIPE: Healthy Thai Green Chickpea Curry

I love curries for a number of reasons.

1). They’re a great source of nutrition because you can pack in loads of different veggies
2). You can just chuck in whichever vegetables you have left over in the fridge
3). There are so many different styles and flavours of curry, so you can never get bored
4). A spicy curry can clear your sinuses when you’re full of a cold
5). You can make really simple curries that are great for a mid-week dinner
6). They’re so damn tasty.

I could go on. Especially about the nutritional benefits. But I’m starting to feel pretty peckish now so I’m going I’m going to crack on with this Thai Green Chickpea Curry.

The creamy coconut and the kick of chilli make this one tasty curry! Plus, it’s super easy to make. Enjoy!


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