RECIPE: Crunchy Veg & Houmous Bagel (Vegan)

RECIPE: Crunchy Veg & Houmous Bagel (Vegan)

I’ve been mixing up my lunches since I’ve been working from home. I usually bundle up some leftovers from whatever I made for dinner the night before, and take that into the office with me. However, we don’t have a microwave in the house which means I can’t easily re-heat things. Plus, we’re in lock-down and the way I’m keeping things interesting is through kitchen experimentation (and cutting my hair, but that’s not a discussion for today).

So today, I’m taking it back to 2016 and sharing a food recipe! I know. What a throwback.

Welcome the party, Crunchy Veg & Houmous Bagel (Vegan)!

I was never much of a Bagel Betty, but a few weeks ago when all you could get in your local big Tesco was a bag of Bombay mix and a celeriac, I spotted some sesame seed bagels in the bread aisle and thought ‘hey, I could get in on the bagel hype.’ And in the absence of 89% of my usual shopping items, I did.

And I’m glad about it, because now I have a delicious lunch option to enjoy whenever the mood takes me. It’s a great choice for your lunch for two reasons:

1). You don’t have to use this exact recipe – you can use whatever crunchy veg you have available to you. This means it’s a great one for using up the odds and ends which might otherwise have gone in the compost. Got a bit of cucumber left over? Wack it in. Got some tomatoes about to go squidy? Stick’em in. Need to use up some radish? Go right ahead.
2). Bread is tasty.

Here’s what you need…


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