RECIPE: Apple Pie Smoothie (Vegan)

RECIPE: Apple Pie Smoothie (Vegan)

With all the vegan chocolate and Christmas baking flying around at the moment, I’m putting in extra effort to make sure that I’m still eating as healthy as possible (ain’t nobody got time for winter flu). I’ve been really busy at work, really busy at home, and I’ve got to-do lists coming out of my ears, so it’s really important to make sure I’m getting all my nutrients. Hello, Apple Pie Smoothie.

I’ve been making this smoothie pretty much every day for the past week. It’s creamy, sweet, and full of good things to keep you healthy. Plus, it has all the flavours of an apple pie. I know, apple pie is the best. In it’s pie form, though, it’s pretty sugary and probably not the best thing for you to have for breakfast. Unless it’s Christmas Day or your birthday, when (of course) there are no rules.

We’re going to be using frozen banana to make it thick and creamy, dates to sweeten the deal, cinnamon and ginger to add a kick, cashews for a protein hit, and apples, because what’s an Apple Pie Smoothie without apples? Just a Pie Smoothie, I guess. It doesn’t sound nearly as delicious.

On with the recipe!

I hope you love this creamy Apple Pie Smoothie! I love to have it for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack, but it would work equally well as a delicious dessert.

Let me know if you like it!


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