My ‘when this is over’ bucket list

My ‘when this is over’ bucket list

If I had £1 for each time I’ve heard someone say ‘when this is over,’ I’d be a very rich woman on the brink of purchasing a villa in the balearic islands, building an animal sanctuary, and buying enough books to happily see me through the next ten years (to be read while sitting alongside my Mallorcan pool).

One of the things that’s kept me positive, that’s given me hope, and provided me with something to look forward to when this is over, is thinking about what I’m going to do when society is fully back up and running. I won’t say ‘when we’re back to normal’, because I don’t know if ‘normal’ will still be what it once was. I certainly hope we’ll come out of this having learned a thing or two.

For me, the excitement and the joy of life comes from looking forward. It comes from my imagination, and my ability to get excited. Take Christmas Day, for example. It’s great; there’s food, there’s an abundance of movies on TV, and there’s family banter aplenty. And it’s widely accepted by all that you can wear your PJs all day without anyone batting an eyelid. But for me, the real magic lies within Christmas Eve, my favourite day of the year. It’s the anticipation, the build up. The last-minute dash to the supermarket because you forgot the sprouts.

The anticipation keeps me feeling positive. And the same can be said for this surreal period of limbo we find ourselves in. And so, I decided to make a list of things I’m going to do in the future, knowing that the anticipation and excitement will go some way towards carrying me through the uncertainty.

Have a slow Saturday
I’m going to wake up not to an alarm, but to the sound of bird song that fills my cul-de-sac each morning. I’m going to pad downstairs, stretch out my muscles, and read my book in the quiet. I’m going to enjoy a coffee and a leisurely lunch at a local cafe. I’m going to lose myself in writing and wonder where the time’s gone. I’m going to walk to the park and see people out for walks, see kids chase each other through the tall trees, and see dogs running around gleefully, as though it’s the first time they’ve seen the sun.

Pay a visit to Cornwall and the Scilly Isles
Luke will agree that I have been harping on about Mallorca for weeks now. I just love it there. I’m not sure what it is, but it kind of feels like home to me. And whilst there will without a doubt be a trip to Mallorca on the cards at some point, I’d also like to re-visit Cornwall. Luke and I took a road trip along the south coast in the summer of 2018, and Cornwall was my favourite of the places we visited. It might be because it had the sunniest weather, or maybe it was because I ate one of the best vegan burgers of my life there, or perhaps it was that the town of Fowey made me feel so happy. It was charming, it was quaint, and the sight of the sea made my heart sing. The isles of Scilly have also recently come onto my radar, and I’m enjoying dreaming about the day when I get to visit those glorious white sandy beaches.

Round up my family and eat some delicious food
It’s been a few months since my family were all in the same room, and what I’d really like to do is go to the pub with them all and eat some tasty grub, before going back to the family house and playing Cluedo. An argument could also be made for Exploding Kittens or Super Slow Sloths. My husband and my brother’s girlfriend are both really competitive, so any game that involves the two of them is always an entertaining one.

Have a date day in Birmingham
I’ve lived in the suburbs of Birmingham for eight years now, and I’ve worked in the city centre for almost four of them. Knowing this, you might be surprised to learn I know very little about the city I live closest to. I know my work place, I know the cafes and restaurants where I can grab a great coffee or a tasty vegan meal, I know how to get to my favourite cinema (the Electric, if you’re wondering), and I know where the Edgbaston Priory Club is, so that I can watch the tennis. But that’s pretty much it. I sometimes hear people chatting in the office about things going on in the city, and I’ve generally no clue what they’re talking about. So when this is over, I’d like to spend a day exploring what the city has to offer (other than great coffee and tasty vegan food).

Invite some friends over for food in the garden
This whole experience has made me very aware of how lucky I am to have green space. We’ve got a decent-sized garden, and lots of lovely green trees and shrubs. We’re currently in the midst of renovating our deck and putting our own stamp on the decor, so I’m excited to invite people over for an evening of tasty vegan pizza and catch-ups in the garden when it’s finished/it’s okay for us to mix. Side note: it will involve solar-powered fairy lights.

What’s on your ‘when this is over’ bucket list?


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