My Travel Bucket List: Europe

My Travel Bucket List: Europe

I have got a serious case of the travel bug. I’ve always enjoyed family holidays abroad and I love a cheeky weekend away in the UK, but in the last couple of years I’d say I’ve developed the bug. I’m almost itching to take a trip and explore a place I’ve never been to. You can often find me scouring Skycanner and Airbnb, dreaming up my next trip. Especially if I’m supposed to washing the pots.

Since the start of 2016 I’ve visited Athens, Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Olso and Tromso), Hamburg and Mallorca. Last year we got married and Luke turned thirty, which were both pretty good reasons to take a trip, if you ask me. Since we’ve been back though, I haven’t been able to shake the desire to see more of the world, especially other parts of Europe.

Luke and I have a running joke where I see or hear about a place I’d love to visit, and he tells me to ‘add it to the list.’ I did start making a list on my phone, but it quickly grew so big that it was started to overwhelm me how many places I’d like to see.

So, today I have taken six European highlights, and made them into a handy little bucket list.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Copenhagen, Denmark
First and foremost, Denmark. Last year we went to Norway and I  fell head over heels in love with it. I figured Denmark and Sweden would be similar. Then, I read the Little Book of Hygge, and the decision was made that I just HAD to visit Denmark, preferably Copenhagen. Luckily for little ol’ me, Ryanair had a sale on winter flights recently, so we booked a weekend in Copenhagen for December.  I really wanted to visit one of the world’s happiest counties in Autumn or Winter – the time when you can truly get your hygge on.

Image © Anders Bøgild

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Slovenia has only recently appeared on my radar, when I was looking for good hiking destinations. Hiking is my favourite kind of exercise, because it’s so good for my body and my mind, and I have it on good authority that this country is a hiker’s paradise. I’d specifically like to go to Lake Bled because it’s SO BEAUTIFUL, and looks like the setting for a Disney film. It’s on our list of potential holiday destinations for next year. Watch this space.

Budapest, Hungary
I’ve never been to Hungary, but the photos I’ve seen of Budapest make it look so MAGICAL and DREAMY. It’s a historic city, the architecture is stunning, and I’d love to experience the thermal baths. Anyone up for a trip? Holla my way if you are!

Image © Robert Balog (Pixabay)

Paris, France
Believe or not, I have yet to visit the most romantic city in the world. For someone who likes to imagine life as one big rom-com full of grand gestures, fairy lights and tales of love, a trip to Paris is a must. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to go in the next couple of years, but I do need to balance my love for travel with my desire to own a house. We’ll see which wins.

Image © Léonard Cotte (Unsplash)

Lisbon, Portugal
Just look at Lisbon. I’ve always loved the culture of Portugal, and have fond memories of holidays in the Algarve. Lisbon is a city full of character, which you can see from the old-style trams that take you through the narrow streets. Flights to this Portuguese city are affordable, and the fact that it’s a less than three-hour plane journey mean it’s the perfect destination for a weekend city break.

Tallinn, Estonia

A friend of mine recommended Estonia to me when Luke and I were trying to decide where to go for our mini and honeymoons. We settled on Greece and Norway in the end, but I was definitely impressed by Estonia. It’s incredibly pretty, and not like anywhere I’ve visited before. It’s such a charming city, with cobbled streets and a UNESCO-listed Old Town at it’s centre. If that’s not enough, it’s by the sea, which makes me feel right at home. As I write this, I’m thinking maybe Tallinn should be the next place I visit after Copenhagen…

Have you been lucky enough to visit any of these gorgeous places? Let me know if you have, and if you have any tips! I’ll be taking my camera to Copenhagen (obviously – got to capture all the magic at Tivoli Gardens), and I’ll be writing about it when I get back, so keep an eye out for that one.

For now though, I’ll just head on over to Skyscanner and carry on dreamin’.


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