Hiking with Huskies in Tromsø

Hiking with Huskies in Tromsø

As one of our honeymoon activities, Luke and I went on a Husky Hike with Tromsø Villmarkssenter. They offer a range of exiting activities throughout the year including snowshoe trekking, northern lights tours, dog sledding, midnight sun kayaking, puppy training etc.

The Husky Hike was one of the highlights of our Norwegian adventure, and I say this despite the fact that I managed to sustain a pretty painful ankle sprain towards the end of the hike. So you know it must have been good! The dogs get so excited about going for a walk – they really take you on a hike, rather than the other way around. If you’re after a good resistance workout, this is one I’d recommend.

They’ve all got different personalities but they’re definitely all friendly and excitable! If you’re planning a visit to Tromsø, definitely check these guys out.

Our dogs were girls, and their names were Dolphin and Rev. They’re so strong, I can only begin to imagine how strong the male dogs are!

It was towards the end when I managed to sprain my ankle – I’d begun to sink in some marsh land, lost my balance, and because I was being pulled downhill by a really strong dog, I went down with my ankle making a really unpleasant sound. Luckily, Luke and Lucy (one of the guides) were able to get me to the road so that I could be picked up in the minibus and taken back to camp.  Even though it was pretty horrible, whilst I was sat with a bag of ice on my ankle, Lucy brought over the most gorgeous husky puppy for me to cuddle. And boy, did it cheer me up. Look at this handsome little fella…

This adorable face seems like a good way to round things off. Have you ever been to Tromsø? What did you think? Let me know below!


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