Feel-Good Friday List #3

Feel-Good Friday List #3

I didn’t have to think too hard when writing this week’s Feel-Good Friday List, which is a definite sign of a good week, isn’t it? It would be easy to mope about and dwell on the state of the world, but there are always silver linings and things to be enjoyed. And with that in mind, here are a few things that have made me feel good this week…

Stories I’ve been reading

Songs I’ve been dancing to
It’s been another big week of dancing for me this week, and that’s something that I plan on continuing throughout this period and beyond. I’ve always loved dancing, and that’s because it just makes you feel good. You simply cannot dance and be miserable at the same time. And that’s especially true if you happen to be dancing to some happy, upbeat tunes. This is what’s been on my playlist this week:

  • A-Yo by Lady Gala
  • Work this Body by Walk the Moon
  • Wings by Little Mix

A workout I’ve done
I’ve absolutely been making the most of the fact that my commute has gone from forty minutes to forty seconds, and I’ve been using that time to squeeze in daily workouts. Exercising has such a positive impact on my mental health, and I definitely notice a difference if I skip it for a few days. I usually struggle to find a balance between exercising and writing, because I’m best at both of those things in the morning, and if I get up any earlier before work, I may as well not bother going to sleep. Anyway, my non-existent commute means I can do both, and this week I enjoyed a Dance Party Workout by MadFit on YouTube, set to 00s hits. Beyonce is involved, and that’s really all that matters.

Taco Tuesday
Anyone who knows me/has met me in passing once will know that fajitas on a Friday is a non-negotiable in this house. Well, this week we decided to mix up our Mexican cuisine and have Taco Tuesday (as well as Fajita Friday, obviously – we haven’t taken leave of our senses). I rustled up peppers, black beans and mushrooms with a load of cumin, smoked paprika and garlic, I made homemade guacamole, and I roasted some sweet potato wedges and added vegan cheese and chopped spring onions on top. They made me very happy. I’ll be doing this again.

A blooming garden
We weren’t quite yet in our house this time last year, so seeing the spring blooms in our garden has been a lovely surprise. All winter I’ve been seeing dead trees and shrubs and wondering which ones I should remove to make way for apple trees, cherry blossoms and Japanese maples, but it turns out all they needed was a dose of sunshine and now I’ve got some gorgeous blooms in the garden!

A family quiz night
My brother will now forever be known as The Quizmaster to rival all Quizmasters. I suggested we have a family quiz on Zoom, delegated the organisation of it to him, and boy did he deliver. He kept us all laughing with his brilliant sense of humour, terrible pronunciation of words like ‘Southwark’, ‘Joaquin’ and ‘Margot’, and exit to the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ theme tune. It was really nice to do something different with my family, and certainly a highlight of my week. If anyone would like to hire my brother to host their quiz night, let me know.


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