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RECIPE: Easy Peasy Roasted Roots

It’s autumn! Which means I’m all about root vegetables – potatoes, parsnips, carrots… I can’t get enough. This is a super easy recipe for roasted…


My Top 10 Healthy Kitchen Staples (Part 1)

This post started off as ‘My Top 5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials’ – punchy and concise. Then I started thinking about things I have in my…


RECIPE: Tomato + Vegetable Risotto (No Stir)

If you’re looking for a healthy, vegtastic risotto that doesn’t require endless stirring, welcome – you’ve come to the right place. This recipe came about…


Mini-mooning in Athens, Greece

Earlier this year Luke and I went to Athens for a 5-day minimoon* straight after our wedding. After weeks of preparation, planning and generally being rushed off…


What I ate in Tromsø, Norway

Just a quick recap in case you missed my Bergen post: Luke and I were incredibly lucky this year and travelled to Norway for our honeymoon! It’s…


Hiking with Huskies in Tromsø

As one of our honeymoon activities, Luke and I went on a Husky Hike with Tromsø Villmarkssenter. They offer a range of exiting activities throughout the…


RECIPE: Healthy Thai Green Chickpea Curry

I love curries for a number of reasons. 1). They’re a great source of nutrition because you can pack in loads of different veggies 2).…


RECIPE: Peanut & Banana Flapjacks

I’ve been making flapjacks for years: chocolate flapjacks, apricot flapjacks, banana flapjacks, coconut flapjacks…you name it. They’ve become a staple snack in our house, as…


What I ate in Bergen, Norway

This year Luke and I got to travel to Norway for our honeymoon! It’s an absolutely beautiful country – the scenery is second to none,…


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