A few things I’m feeling grateful for today

A few things I’m feeling grateful for today

One of the things I’m doing regularly at the moment to keep me feeling positive and motivated is thinking about the things I’m grateful for. I always try and practise gratitude, but since we’ve been in lock-down, I’ve been making an effort to do this daily. 

Making a gratitude list brings me a lot of comfort, makes me smile, and soothes my anxious mind. Sometimes I write it out with pen and paper, and sometimes I just think it to myself. 

Today, on this sunny Good Friday, I thought I’d share the things I’m feeling grateful for during this crazy time, and hope that it brings you a little slice of comfort and joy, too. 

  • The weather lately has been absolutely glorious (I love winter, but seeing the sun really lifts my spirits!).
  • I can stay inside in my lovely home where I’m safe and have access to food and drink.
  • I have a selection of un-read feel-good books and the time to read them.
  • I work with the best people, and I’m very lucky that when this is over, I’ll be able to go back to work and see their lovely, smiling faces. 
  • I have a garden where I can sit and watch the clouds go by and listen to birds sing. 
  • We have the technology to keep in touch with people. 
  • We have a bloody fantastic NHS who are fighting day-in, day-out to save lives and keep us all safe. Seriously, if any of you are reading this – YOU ARE OUR HEROES. 
  • We have a government who is doing everything they can to help keep businesses afloat, and keep us safe. Side note: I’m not the biggest Boris fan, but I’ve been really impressed by how he and his government are handling this. I hope he gets well soon and we’ll be seeing him back on our screens soon!
  • It’s Friday today, which means I get to have my favourite meal: fajitas!

What are you feeling grateful for today? Let me know 🙂 

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels


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