9 things that make me ridiculously excited for autumn

9 things that make me ridiculously excited for autumn

1. Hygge
I am all about that Danish life. Do I fancy a cosy night in with candles, blankets and fairy lights? Oh hell yes. Don’t need to ask me twice! While we’re on the subject of hygge, if you haven’t read this book, you need to, it’s the best and tells you everything you need to know about hygge. No negotiations.

2. It’s SO beautiful
Shades of red, orange and yellow line the streets and I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and take 783 artsy photos of leaves.

3. Walks
One of my favourite things to do during Autumn is going for country walks. The countryside is stunning this time of year, and I love getting bundled up, heading out for some fresh, crisp air, and just wandering around musing over how pretty the leaves are.

4. A mini break to the Lake District!
This is my birthday present from Luke. My birthday was actually in January, but owing to various events that happened this year, my birthday excursion got pushed back, and now it’s more like a pre-gift for my 2018 birthday. Not that I mind. A visit to one of the most stunning parts of the country in autumn? Ain’t no complaints from this gal.

5. Luke’s birthday
Luke’s birthday is in early November and I get so excited about it. More so than my own birthday! I spend a lot of time choosing gifts that I think he’ll love, and watching him open them is one of my favourite things. I also like to plan activities to make his day as awesome as can be. He’s a teacher so he doesn’t have the luxury of hanging out in his PJs on his special day*. So instead I’ll take him for dinner somewhere he really likes, or I’ll organise a meal with friends, or order a takeaway. You get the gist. Plus, I get a trip to Paperchase out of it. So it’s not entirely selfless.

*I mean he COULD, but I think school would have something to say about it.

6. Oversized scarves
I have enough scarves to set up my own scarf shop. I love them. I’m never really sure when to where them other than autumn. I can’t wear them in winter (that’s when the winter scarves get their time to shine), and they seem a bit melodramatic for spring. So I make up for it by wearing them constantly in Autumn.

7. Pumpkins, squashes and potatoes
Basically, any kind of root vegetable. I do enjoy summer food, but I LOVE roasted roots, casseroles and mash potato. It’s so comforting! Plus, I get to experiment with pumpkins which is also fun. Who knows, maybe this year I’ll crack pumpkin chilli. Watch this space.

8. Jumpers
It’s time to dust of my snuggly jumpers and let them take pride of place in my wardrobe. They don’t all need dusting off mind you, because thanks to Hannah Gale, I’ve ordered about 4,902 new ones from New Look. If there’s one thing I love, it’s coming home from work when it’s really cold outside, grabbing a jumper off the radiator and getting snuggled up on the sofa. Bliss.

Guys, this is not a drill. Christmas is officially just around the corner! My favourite time of year is a matter of weeks away and this thought just fills me with buckets of festive, glittery joy.

What are you guys exciting about this autumn? Let me know!

Images courtesy of Unsplash


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