7 things I love about Copenhagen, Denmark

7 things I love about Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello my festive friends, and welcome to lots of pictures of pretty Copenhagen.

Luke and I found some cheap flights to the Danish city a few months ago, and decided we’d take a trip as our Christmas presents to eachother. Highly recommend doing that by the way, if you’re ever stuck for ideas or you just love travelling. We flew from London Stansted early on Saturday, and came home (to a helluva lot of snow) the following Monday, so it was a lovely weekend break.

I suspected I would fall in love with Copenhagen, and I wasn’t wrong. Here are 7 reasons why it’s become one of my all-time favourite cities.

P.S It was a bit too cold to be faffing about with my actual camera, so these are quick snaps on my phone. While they don’t do the city justice, hopefully they give you a glimpse into how lovely a city it really is.

1. All the hygge

It was after reading The Little Book of Hygge last year that I decided I HAD to get myself to Copenhagen. I’ve always been a fan of everything cosy, and wow;


I was in my bloody element. Cafes, bars and restaurants are full of lamps, candles, fairylights and blankets. Even though it was utterly freezing, there was a warm glow across the city that made it feel like I wouldn’t in fact catch hypothermia.

2. Cycling

Everywhere you turn in Copenhagen there’s a bunch of Danes zipping about on bikes. Within 10 minutes of reaching the city centre, my cycling-enthusiast husband declared “we might need to move here.”

Cycle lanes in Copenhagen are almost as wide as the car lanes. I kid you not. Plus, there are so many people on bikes that there are considerably fewer cars on the road.

I’ve seen so many reckless drivers going around cyclists on blind bends in this country, that the only way you’ll get me outside on a bike is if I’m in the middle of a park/meadow/some other place where cars don’t go. But there’s no need to worry about that in Copenhagen, no siree.

3. The Round Tower

We ended up going to the Round Tower on a bit of a whim, and boy was that a good whim. The 17th century observatory Rundetaarn is the oldest observatory in Europe, and has a slope all the way to top. When you reach the top, the views over the city are stunning.

We went when it was dark, the city was lit up, and it reminded me of being at the top of the Empire State Building (that sounds a bit grand, doesn’t it? It’s been 10+ years since I went to New York, so my memory might be a bit dusty. But anyway, it was amazing. That’s the point I’m trying to (not very eloquently) make).

It’s about £3 to get to the top, and I’d have happily paid triple that for the views. It’d make a cracking spot for a sunrise. Or a sunset. Or a proposal..!

4. Tivoli Gardens

What visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a trip to the city’s most famous attraction, and world’s 2nd oldest amusement park? Exactly. Tivoli Gardens at Christmas is breathtaking. It’s transformed into a winter wonderland, and it’s honestly the stuff Christmas dreams are made of. Beautiful light displays on the water, Christmas stalls, fairy lights in the trees, hot drinks, sugary doughnuts, rides, restaurants, a theatre… Luke and I didn’t go on any rides, it was amazing enough just wandering around in awe of the spectacular surroundings.

5. The Christmas decorations

There were a few Christmas scenes I’d earmarked after researching on Instagram and Pinterest, and I’m delighted to say we got them all ticked off. If you’re as much of a Christmas lover as I am, I recommend you see D’Angleterre Hotel (I think they might be know for their festive decs!), the Christmas Tree in front of City Hall, and the ceiling of lights on Kronprinsensgade.

6. Cafes & Vegan Food

You can’t really get the full hygge experience without settling down in a cosy cafe with a steaming hot drink, while you watch the world go by. There are fairylight-adorned cafes all over the city, enticing you in with warm candles and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

If you’re after vegan and gluten free food, I highly recommend Kaf, in the Nørrebro district. We went there twice; once for brunch, and once for cheesecake and hot chocolate. If I had to rate the cheesecake on a scale of 1-10, I’d have the get the scale adjusted to 1-37. And then I’d rate it 37.

7. Nyhavn

You know that classic shot of Copenhagen, with the colourful shops and restaurants next to the canal? Well that’s Nyhavn, and it’s even better than it looks in the pictures. We went there once at night and then the following morning, too, and it really is special. It was lined with Christmas stalls, and the reflection of the lights bounced off the water. Also, fun fact! Hans Christian Andersen used to live there. AND, it’s where he wrote The Princess & The Pea, a classic childhood fairytale.

It’s a lovely area to wander around – make sure you put it on your visit list when you’re in the city.

And that concludes my list of things I love about Copenhagen! Have you been? What did you think of it? Do let me know, won’t you?



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