30 things I learnt in 30 years

30 things I learnt in 30 years

Guess what guys? It’s my birthday! Today ya gal has officially reached the grand old age of 30. I know some people don’t like to celebrate birthdays once they get past about 21 (it’s all downhill from there, apparently) but I’m not one of those people. Any excuse to celebrate, I’m there with giant glittery bells on.

Today will be spent doing lovely things like exercise, eating, having a bubble bath, giving myself a manicure, getting my hair done and wandering around Waterstones. Then this evening I’m being whisked away for a three night break in a surprise location. I know, lucky gal over here.

Anyway, by way of celebration, I thought I’d share with you 30 things I’ve learnt in 30 years.

  1. Your health is your most valuable commodity. Look after your body, you only get one.
  2. Friends are amazing. Some will come and go, and that’s okay. Not all friends are supposed to be in your life forever. Be sure to make an effort with them though – I don’t know where I’d have been without my besties last year.
  3. My feet will always hurt in heals.
  4. A positive mental attitude can work wonders for your mental wellbeing.
  5. Worrying about things you can’t change, or things that might happen in the future is a complete and utter waste of time, and only serves to make you miserable.
  6. ‘Perfect’ does not exist. Accept who you are and what you have, be grateful, and celebrate the little things.
  7. Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow. Live in the present. Be mindful.
  8. I cannot travel light. I just can’t. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT I MIGHT BE IN THE MOOD TO WEAR 4 DAYS FROM NOW? I need options, people.
  9. If you’re going to drink, it’s a good idea to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. You don’t feel nearly as death-like the following morning.
  10. Animals are the best and I shall forever be their biggest fan.
  11. Nothing makes me feel calmer and more relaxed than getting lost in a good book (unless that book is something like The Girl on the Train. Epic, but not relaxing).
  12. Humans are tough. We’re more resilient, both physically and mentally, than most of us give ourselves credit for.
  13. Auto-correct has completely ruined my ability to spele.
  14. Any film with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is bound to make you feel warm and gooey on the inside.
  15. If something scares you, you should do it.
  16. Being vegan doesn’t make you weird. It makes you compassionate. Plus, you get to have loads of fun experimenting in the kitchen.
  17. The rear view mirror in the car flips up so that you don’t get bedazzled when driving at night.
  18. You can’t be grumpy and dance at the same time.
  19. At some point, your parents and grandparents won’t be here anymore. Make sure you make the most of them while they are.
  20. You can spray hairspray on the bottom of your shoes if you’re hitting the dance floor in shoes which have no grip.
  21. Sometimes people leave skateboards in gateways, and when you’re going out in the dark and you don’t see them, they can lead to torn ligaments in your ankle.
  22. Determination, confidence and a positive attitude will get you to where you want to be.
  23. Paperchase have the best stationery. There’s no debate.
  24. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
  25. There is more than one way to do life. You don’t have to follow the conventional path, or the one that everyone expects you to.
  26. Travel really is the best thing you can spend your money on.
  27. Norway is absolutely stunning, and definitely worth visiting if you haven’t already.
  28. Marrying Luke is the best thing I’ve ever done.
  29. I do my best thinking first thing in the morning. Catch me after 4pm and my brain will most likely have started to go to sleep for the day.
  30. I will always be a messy eater. I’ve had to make my peace with that.


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