RECIPE: Healthy Strawberry & Kiwi Smoothie

RECIPE: Healthy Strawberry & Kiwi Smoothie

Hello, you beautiful humans. You’ll be pleased to know I am back from the world of tissues and flu remedies, hooray! Even though it was utter pants to be sick, it did mean I was forced to stop and take a break. I’m not really very good at resting (isn’t there just always something to do? The laundry and the spring cleaning just can’t wait), so I saw it as a good opportunity to get some much needed R&R.

For the last two weeks I’ve been making sure to flood my body with as many delicious nutrients as possible, particularly those of the vitamin C and zinc variety. Today, I’m sharing a recipe which contains a boatload* of these health-boosting vitamins – it’s my Healthy Strawberry & Kiwi Smoothie.

It’s vegan, gluten free, healthy, sweet, and delicious.

We’re using strawberries, kiwi and oranges, which are amazing sources of vitamin C, and I’ve also added in some cashews. Partly because they’re a good source of zinc, partly because they make things creamy. Mmm. Oh, and a banana. Because what’s a smoothie without a banana?

A note before we get into the recipe – I used frozen strawberries and a regular banana. I’ve also tried frozen banana and regular strawberries, so whichever way you want to do it should be fine.

Here we go!

Let me know how you get on if you try this smoothie, I’d love to know!

In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow and last night my lovely hubby took me out for a pre-birthday treat at All Bar One, where we sampled their Veganuary menu. They’d run out of vegan desserts which was a shame, (well apart from sorbet, of which I’ve had enough to last a lifetime), but my starter and main was delicious. So if you’re toying with veganism/vegetarianism, I recommend you get your lovely self down to an All Bar One near you and try out their vegan menu this January! I posted a couple of snaps over on my Instagram if you’d like to see.

I’ll be back with another recipe this weekend. Until then, stay healthy!

*Alright, not an actual boatload. But it’s as many as I can squeeze into my mason jar.


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