RECIPE: Ginger Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten Free)

RECIPE: Ginger Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Good morning! Today I’m bringing you a gluten free, vegan friendly recipe for some frickin’ tasty ginger biscuits. I first attempted these a few weeks ago, and the results were not good. They smelt amazing, but the texture was more like cardboard. But really hard on the teeth. So actually, kind of like wood.

I took a bunch to work and my lovely vegan colleagues took some away saying they’d dunk them in their tea. I never got any feedback though so I’m guessing they were terrible dunked in tea, too.

Anyway, I’m not one to be deterred by a less-than-brilliant batch of ginger biscuits, so I tried again. This time I kept the spices the same, but I completely changed the texture, and I’m pleased to report they’ve gone from ‘eugh, these biscuits are so hard I need to call my dentist’ to ‘wow, these biscuits are amazing! Can I have another?’ Good news.

I made mine into Christmas trees, but you could use any shape you like. (Christmas shapes are the best though, aren’t they?) Luke and I had a lot of fun decorating them. We even had a competition to see who decorated the best trees! Luke won, so I guess I’ll need to bake some more to develop my decorating skills.




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