Maybe next time, Netherlands

16th May 2020

All that remains of our summer trip to The Netherlands is our airport parking. Our flights were with Flybe, so we lost those a while ago. And yesterday, our Airbnb host in Leiden, cancelled. He was very apologetic, though he needn’t have been. I knew it was coming. I wasn’t really expecting that we’d be […]

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Where to eat vegan in Edinburgh

9th January 2020

I’m never really sure what to expect in terms of plant-based food when I visit a new city, and I was blown away by the vegan scene in Edinburgh. A quick Google search brought up options beyond options on where to go, and I also had some recommendations from friends, too! If only we were […]

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A festive 48 hours in Edinburgh

7th December 2019

Each year, as our Christmas present to each other, Luke and I escape to a European city for a long weekend in December. This year, as you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, we went to… Edinburgh! I was leaning towards to Prague, but when Luke pointed out that we could […]

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Postcards from Lake Garda, Italy

6th September 2019

Ciao, buongiorno! That’s right, the Sweetings recently returned from Italy, more specifically, Lake Garda. Ah Lake Garda. Lago di Garda. I didn’t know much about it before we went. In fact, it only ended up on my ‘Places to try and persuade Luke to go on holiday to’ list after one of my friends recommended […]

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9 things to do in Riga in December

16th December 2018

Last weekend I went to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. When I told people where we going for our Christmas break this year, my announcement was mostly met with surprise, because I’m not a lad going on a stag do. If you’re a lad planning a stag do – consider Riga, turns out it’s […]

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South Coast Road Trip: Part 2

1st October 2018

If you didn’t catch South Coast Road Trip: Part 1, it might be an idea to head on over and read that first. Just so that everything is in a nice, tidy order. I’ll pop a little link to it here. If, on the other hand, you want to throw caution to the wind and […]

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South Coast Road Trip: Part 1

21st September 2018

It’s holiday re-cap time! Is there anything better than going over your holiday snaps and writing about what a great time you had? I mean, maybe. A vegan pizza, a blanket and an episode of Friends spring to mind, but ANYWAY. It’s one of my joys. This summer Luke and I decided to see more […]

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Turning 30 in a cabin in the woods

29th January 2018

Guys, I turned 30, and I got well and truly spoiled. If you read my 30 things I learned in 30 years post, you’ll know I was looking forward to turning the big 3-0. I’m wiser now.Β I don’t experiment with hair dye and turn my locks bright orange, I’ve stopped wondering if I’m cool enough, […]

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7 things I love about Copenhagen, Denmark

20th December 2017

Hello my festive friends, and welcome to lots of pictures of pretty Copenhagen. Luke and I found some cheap flights to the Danish city a few months ago, and decided we’d take a trip as our Christmas presents to eachother. Highly recommend doing that by the way, if you’re ever stuck for ideas or you […]

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