RECIPE: Gingerbread Bliss Balls

14th December 2017

It’s December! Which means we can officially start feeling festive. Last year I came up a recipe for some vegan, gluten free ginger biscuits. They were pretty damn good, I have to say. But don’t take my word for it – here’s the recipe. Is it really Christmas if you’re not making something ginger-themed? I’m […]

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RECIPE: Coconut & Lemon Energy Balls

16th April 2017

Happy Easter! Have you had chocolate for breakfast this morning? It’s definitely allowed at Easter, Christmas and on birthdays. I’m celebrating today by sharing this recipe for Coconut & Lemon Energy Balls.  I am verging on obsessed with energy balls at the moment. They’re full of amazing things, they’re really easy to make, and you can just pop […]

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RECIPE: Ginger Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten Free)

17th December 2016

Good morning! Today I’m bringing you a gluten free, vegan friendly recipe for some frickin’ tasty ginger biscuits. I first attempted these a few weeks ago, and the results were not good. They smelt amazing, but the texture was more like cardboard. But really hard on the teeth. So actually, kind of like wood. I took […]

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RECIPE: Peanut & Banana Flapjacks

4th September 2016

I’ve been making flapjacks for years: chocolate flapjacks, apricot flapjacks, banana flapjacks, coconut flapjacks…you name it. They’ve become a staple snack in our house, as they’re so easy to make and customise, they don’t require any fancy ingredients, and the oats make them a great source of energy (AKA perfect for the mid-afternoon slump). I like to […]

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