RECIPE: Crunchy Veg & Houmous Bagel (Vegan)

29th April 2020

I’ve been mixing up my lunches since I’ve been working from home. I usually bundle up some leftovers from whatever I made for dinner the night before, and take that into the office with me. However, we don’t have a microwave in the house which means I can’t easily re-heat things. Plus, we’re in lock-down […]

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RECIPE: Mexican Bean Stew (vegan + GF)

25th February 2018

One of the good things about winter is the hearty, warming meals. When you get in from a long day at the office and you can’t feel your fingers and toes, a hot, nutritious stew on the menu is a winner in my book. I came up with this recipe because I wanted something that […]

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RECIPE: Chocolate & Pomegranate Porridge (Vegan)

8th January 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time for a new week. Anyone have any exciting plans? I’m back in work after two weeks off. It feels like I’ve had a month off, so I’m definitely wondering if I can remember what my job is. But hey ho, I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Today I’m […]

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RECIPE: Creamy Avocado Pasta (Vegan + GF)

25th August 2017

Good morning everybody, and happy flippin’ Friday. Well done for making it through another week. Have you had a good one? Mine’s been great. I’ve been playing around with healthy banana and raspberry/blueberry muffins for a while, and earlier this week I think I finally cracked the recipe. Feeling pretty smug about that. Other good […]

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RECIPE: Quick & Easy Houmous Pizza (Vegan + GF)

20th February 2017

For people going vegan or plant-based for the first time, pizza is one of those things that you think you can’t have. Especially if you need it to be gluten free, too! Traditionally it has a dough base, and it’s laden with cheese and meat – everything you can’t have. Also, meaty, cheesy pizza isn’t so good for […]

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RECIPE: Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

6th January 2017

It’s freezing. Actually freezing. Our neurotic (but lovable) cat, Toby, pulled out the sealant from around the windows, which means our house retains zero heat. Perfect. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves hearty, healthy, warming dishes when the temperature drops, so today I’m bringing you… drum roll please… a Vegan Shepherd’s Pie. It took so many […]

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RECIPE: Homemade Vegtastic Pasta Sauce

12th November 2016

Pasta, pasta, pasta. You can’t go wrong with pasta in my books. It’s so quick to throw together, and the pasta variations are endless. This is my and Luke’s go-to pasta recipe that we make most weeks as an easy staple meal. You can mix and match the ingredients according to what you’ve got in the fridge, […]

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