A festive to-do list to make the most of December

A festive to-do list to make the most of December

I was thinking the other day about the fact that June was yesterday, and now Christmas is less than a month away. That’s right folks, LESS THAN A MONTH. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

November is my favourite month of the year. It’s Luke’s birthday, the Christmas excitement is building, and the pumpkin spiced lattes and pretty orange, red and yellow leaves are a-plenty. That being said, I feel like I mostly missed it this year. And I think it’s because I’ve been running around at work, running around in general life, and not stopping to smell the bonfire. 

So, to make sure I really make the most of December – my second favourite month – I’ve compiled a festive to-do list. It’s full of all those wonderful little things that keep us in the Christmas spirit, and hopefully mean we have a more present, more mindful December.

I’m not saying I’m going to tick off every single item on the list (because you know, a full-time job to go to, a house to vacuum, a gym to attend, meals to cook, and a book to edit), but I’m going to flippin’ well try. Care to don your Santa hat/Elf ears/antlers and join me?

  • Have a cosy game night next to the fire.
  • Make a Christmas centre piece for the dining table.
  • Go ice skating – bonus points if you don’t fall over.
  • Write some Christmas cards.
  • Visit a local town and soak up the festivities.
  • Make a Christmas spiced hot chocolate.
  • Have a Christmas Movie Night (Love Actually, anyone?).
  • Attend a local carol service and belt out the classics.
  • Dust off your jolly attire and join the masses on Christmas Jumper Day (Friday 13th December).
  • Read a Christmassy book (Pro tip: The Works also have great Christmas Rom-Coms at this time of year).
  • Make gingerbread biscuits.
  • See a light show – we’re going to one in Edinburgh at the Botanical Gardens and I CANNOT WAIT.
  • Put together a Christmas playlist (Disclaimer: I’ve been listening to Christmas songs since September, and there’s really no better way to start your day).
  • Cut out paper snowflakes and decorate your house with them.
  • Invite friends round for a delicious nut roast.
  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood to admire the Christmas decorations.

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